Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today with my kids..

Well, today I am feeling great  - so no whingy post today! :D It started with the kids being dropped off on time (always a great start!). I was supposed to have them 9:30 til 12:30 today but at around 10, my case worker from DHS rang and asked if I wanted to have the kids til 4pm a) because they had no one to pick them up til then -lol- and b) because the feedback from the psychologist who assessed me on Tuesday was good. So I am thrilled about that. I can't remember what I put in my post about the assessment so excuse me if I repeat myself, but the psychologist had no problem with my parenting skills and agreed with my diagnosis and the treatment my psychologist is going with.  There was mention of getting the kids back sooner than the 6 months DHS are asking for and having respite with their current carer. Personally I am thrilled at that suggestion. I means I can get them back sooner but also not be just thrown in at the deep end and the kids can have respite with a carer they are already familiar with. I think it will be hard for them when they first come back home to separate from their carer as they have been living there for 9 or so months now, so that might aid the transition anyway. 

I don't want to get my hopes up, but it has been a long time since I have had any good news from DHS. But hopefully they will keep increasing access etc and have them back sooner. And the benefit of continuing to have DHS involved is that they can regulate Ben's contact with the kids so it is not my problem. At the moment they are talking about one hour a fortnight fully supervised at DHS which I am thrilled about. But even while in prison, Ben was whinging about how far it was to travel (cos he has got such a busy schedule?? Planning a crime spree perhaps?) so i doubt he will even make the effort. At the moment, it is his Mum ringing up and hassling DHS about Ben having access. And God, do not even get me started on what I think about her.

But on a more positive note, we have had a fantastic day. Lucas and Bee really enjoy going to the swimming pool so once I found out we were having an extra long day, I suggested we go to the pool. We went to the Marketplace (the main shoping centre in Bendigo) and bought them bathers and snacks for the day as well as had a muffin and baby cinos/coffee at Muffin Break. Then we went to the pool. The kids are getting so good at jumping in and Lucas can touch the ground at the shallow end. I really want to keep that up, everytime we go they get more and more confident. I definitely want to get them into swimming lessons when I get them back.

And I find having a day out and doing things, I cope much better with them and don't get as tired. I feel really good with how I have handled them today and my energy levels etc. They have been so good and I have genuinely had fun with them today.

Now we are having 'quiet time' - Bee is in bed and Lucas is watching his Thomas DVD.

But yeah I am glad that I can once again create a cheery post, even I was getting sick of my whinging!! And just so happy that I have had a better day with the kids and am feeling so much better about myself after yesterday. :)


  1. hey maddi,
    i liked this post very much...thats good that things are going good for you and fingers crossed for you and hope you get you kids back sooner then they say.....your a great mum,hang in there,dont give up positive thought alwaya a good thing,i find...

  2. I am glad things are going okay for you..I haven't "known" you for very long, but I know that you are very deserving and should have your babes with you. I am sure this will happen soon and you will be on cloud nine xx

  3. Thanks! I really appreciate your kind words and your interest in my blog :D

  4. I am glad things are looking up for you! :)