Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feeling the love!

Here I am again!

I am so excited to have four followers and I know London (BH) is out there reading as well - or at least she better be.

So far, I am loving this blogging caper. I love posting, getting followers and reading what other people have to say. The only annoying thing I have found is that i cannot comment on Omgshoes(BH) blog for some reason! But everyone else I am following is being bombarded by comments, so maybe she is lucky!

Not much has changed over here. Just sitting on the couch, waiting for pizza to arrive! DP is still engrossed as ever on his xbox and i am alternating between facebook, bubhub and getting a handle on this blog! I used to have twitter but I got over it very quickly, which surprised me because I compulsively update my facebook status with every little thing I do, think or feel.

I guess I will share a little about me - about time I shared something substantial on here, I suppose.

My name is Maddi, I live in Bendigo (Vic) and I am 22. I have two kidlets, Lucas who is 4 (and has suspected Aspergers) and Bethany who is 3. As you may have picked up, I have a new boyfriend (as in he's isn't the father of Lucas and Bee). We have been together for almost three months and have been living together for a week now. His name is Shane and he is 22 as well.

That's the basics, I guess. I spend a lot - arguably too much - time online, but I love it :) My kids are my whole world aside from my laptop and Shane of course :P

Anyway, I guess I will finish up now and post again when I have something rivetting to share with you all lol.


  1. think i found the problem damn settings

  2. wow look at you, you old blogging queen! Looking good!!

  3. Haha thanks!! And look out when I actually have something to say! LOL! I am loving it!!