Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boys Night

So the issue of the day....

Shane has boys' night every Tuesday. When we first started going out, I would go down to Melbourne to see him every Tuesday because that is when I don't have the kids and I could stay at his place and come back to Bendigo early Wednesday morning. So when I would stay in Melbourne and we would go to boys night (basically just a bunch of boys playing xbox). When boys night is at each guy's house, their gf is usually there but other than that, I am usually the only one there. Then Shane moved in with me, and would make the trek down to Melbourne to go to boys night - it is a two hour drive there and back. So there is the back story, cut to this morning....

We obviously went to boys night last night (and as a matter of fact, i didnt feel like going cos i had an exhasuting day being judged at DHS). This morning, one of the girlfriend's fb status was 'why are you even there? you are not wanted' obviously referring to me. The same guy's sister chimes in and says something about me being an idiot. I am not friends with this gf so I cant see the post but Shane can and sticks up for me. So Shane sends a text around to the boys asking sort of what the hell is going on and if anyone had a problem with me being there, they should have said something. Anyway, it turns out the whole issue is that I am 'allowed' to go to boys night but the other girlfriends aren't. And apparently that is my problem cos my boyfriend wants me there and the other guys don't want their girlfriends there? And what has that got to do with my intelligence.

So it has gone back and forth with texts and calls between Shane and his friends. But whatever.

I have deleted most of his friends off my facebook (all the ones that go to boys night anyway) but I just don't care. I mean, it pisses me off that some bitch in the south east is publicly bitching about me on facebook when I have no opportunity to defend myself.

I just see it as a non-issue. If the guys had a problem with me being there, they should have spoken to Shane about it.

We have serious issues going on here outside this high school bitchiness of who is 'allowed' to go to boys night - my kids are in foster care, we are dealing with DHS and also TTC.

I am obviously wanted at boys night cos Shane wants me there. If no one wanted me there, then clearly I wouldn't go. It is the other guys that don't want their girlfriends there - that is their problem, not mine. How is it my fault if their boyfriends dont want them there but my boyfriend wants me there? And how has that got any bearing on my intelligence?

I posted some shit on facebook in response cos this girl that first bitched about me is a fucking ugly, fat bitch. But apparently my comments are out of line. But i dont care. What matters to me is Shane. And Shane and I are on the same team. And people can't just say whatever they want about me. 

That stupid fat bitch can go get fucked. No one wants HER there -not even her own boyfriend.

So just get the fuck out of my life and leave me the fuck alone.


  1. Hey sweetie, HE wants you there. The other girls are jeolous because they are not wanted. YOU are there because you are loved....